mazel tov zeke

Zeke, my son’s best friend, is like my third son.  He’s been on vacation with us, he has a tooth brush at our house and I feel comfortable bossing him around like I do my own kids.  The boys are so similar that sometimes I get them mixed up or fused into one and call them “Zeke-ob”.  So, when Zeke became a bar mitzvah, I felt like a proud parent.  He read beautifully and had a powerful and well spoken drash.  I love his very deep voice.  Zeke also invited his real brother and his soul brother (my son, Jacob) to read from the torah.  Zeke’s sister and her boyfriend, both professional musicians, played during the service.  They all did a great job and their love and support of Zeke was touching.  After the morning service, we all ate an amazing lunch prepared by Zeke’s mom, Janice.  Janice is the owner of the Westside Bakery and Cafe in Berkeley and one of the best cooks I know.  She cooked for three days to prepare the feast.   Following a rest and digestion, we gathered at their house for a party.  Way to go Zeke!

Jacob and Zeke
I love this one of the guys each one in their own world planning something big in their brains.

Supporting crew:

Food: Westside Bakery Cafe.  Flowers and decorations, Zuzu’s Petals.  Synagogue, Congregation Beth El.


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