Janet Rudolph, Claremont Living Magazine Cover Article

For the past few months I have had the pleasure of being the lead-story photographer of Claremont Living. Claremont Living is a high-end, exclusive magazine featuring life and those who live in the Berkeley/Oakland Hills Claremont Neighborhood.  Each issue features a fascinating area resident with a cover photo and lengthy article as well as some local history, gorgeous gardens, cute pets and other interesting happenings in the neighborhood.

November’s feature resident is Janet Rudolph, The Mistress of Mystery.  Janet Rudolph is well known as the director of the Mystery Readers International, editor of the Mystery Readers Journal and teacher of mystery fiction.  She also hosts Murder on the Menu events.  Keeping in the spirit of the subject (small pun intended), we met at the Mountain View Cemetery for the shoot.  I posed Janet posed among the crypts and urns of the dearly departed to create environmental portraits.  Enjoy this article written by publisher Andrée Duggan.



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